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Microsoft Outlook 2010 Shortcut Keys Part 1

This guide shares complete list of Microsoft Outlook 2010 Shortcut Keys which includes Shortcut Keys for carrying out tasks related to Basic navigation, Search, Flags, Color Categories, Creating an item or file, Procedures in all items, Email, Calendar, Contacts, Contacts, Format text,w eb information to items, Printing, Sending/Receiving, Visual Basic Editor, Macros, Forms.

Basic navigation:
CTRL+1 = Switch to Mail.
CTRL+2 = Switch to Calendar.
CTRL+3 = Switch to Contacts.
CTRL+4 = Switch to Tasks.
CTRL+5 = Switch to Notes.
CTRL+6 = Switch to Folder List in Navigation Pane.
CTRL+7 = Switch to Shortcuts.
CTRL+PERIOD = Switch to next message (When message is opened)
CTRL+COMMA = Switch to previous message (When message is opened)
CTRL+SHIFT+TAB or SHIFT+TAB = For moving between Outlook window as well as the sections that are there in To-Do Bar.
F6 = For moving between Outlook window, To-Do Bar and for checking out access keys in the Outlook ribbon.
CTRL+TAB = For moving between message header lines in Navigation Pane.
Arrow keys = For moving within Navigation Pane.
CTRL+Y = Go to a different folder.
F3 or CTRL+E = Go to the Search box.
ALT+UP ARROW or CTRL+COMMA or ALT+PAGE UP = For going to previous message in Reading Pane.
SPACEBAR = For page down through text in Reading Pane.
SHIFT+SPACEBAR = For page up through text in Reading Pane.
LEFT ARROW or RIGHT ARROW = For collapsing or expanding group in email message list.
ALT+B or ALT+LEFT ARROW = For going back to previous view in main Outlook window.
ALT+RIGHT ARROW = For going forward to next view in main Outlook window.
CTRL+SHIFT+W = For selecting InfoBar and checking out menu of commands.

CTRL+E = For searching a message or item
ESC = For clearing the search results
CTRL+ALT+A = For expanding the search to All Mail Items, All Calendar Items, or All Contact Items
CTRL+SHIFT+F = For using Advanced Find.
CTRL+SHIFT+P = For creating Search Folder.
F4 = For searching text inside an open item.
CTRL+H = For finding and replacing text, symbols in Reading Pane on an open item.
CTRL+ALT+K = For including items in search for current folder.
CTRL+ALT+Z = For including search to include subfolders.

CTRL+SHIFT+G = For opening Flag for Follow Up dialog box assigned to a blog.

Color Categories:
ALT+D = For deleting selected category from Color Categories dialog box

Creating an item or file:
CTRL+SHIFT+A = For creating an appointment.
CTRL+SHIFT+C= For creating a contact.
CTRL+SHIFT+L = For creating a Contact List.
CTRL+SHIFT+X = For creating a fax.
CTRL+SHIFT+E = For creating a folder.
CTRL+SHIFT+J = For creating a Journal entry.
CTRL+SHIFT+Q = For creating a meeting request.
CTRL+SHIFT+M = For creating a message.
CTRL+SHIFT+N = For creating a note.
CTRL+SHIFT+H = For creating a Microsoft Office document.
CTRL+SHIFT+S = For posting to current folder.
CTRL+T = For posting reply in current folder.
CTRL+SHIFT+P = For creating a Search Folder.
CTRL+SHIFT+K = For creating a task.
CTRL+SHIFT+U = For creating a task request.

Procedures in all items:
CTRL+S or SHIFT+F12 = For Saving (except in Tasks).
ALT+S = For Saving and closing (except in Mail).
F12 = For Save as (only in Mail).
CTRL+D = For Deleting an item.
CTRL+P = For Printing.
CTRL+SHIFT+Y = For Copying an item.
CTRL+SHIFT+V = For Moving an item.
CTRL+K = For Checking names.
F7 = For checking spelling
CTRL+SHIFT+G = Flag for follow-up.
CTRL+F = For Forwarding.
ALT+S = For sending/posting/inviting
F2 = For enabling editing in a field (except in Mail or Icon view).v
CTRL+E = Center text.
CTRL+R = Right align text.

CTRL+SHIFT+I = For switching to Inbox
CTRL+SHIFT+O = For switching to Outbox
CTRL+TAB (with the focus on the To box), and then TAB to the Accounts button = For choosing account in order to send a messge
CTRL+K = For Checking names.
ALT+S = For sending
CTRL+R = For replying to a message
CTRL+SHIFT+R = For replying all to a message
CTRL+ALT+R = For replying with meeting request.
CTRL+F = For forwarding a message.
CTRL+ ALT+J = For marking message as not junk.
CTRL+SHIFT+I = For displaying blocked external content of a message
CTRL+ SHIFT+S = For posting to a folder
CTRL+SHIFT+N = For applying Normal style
CTRL+M or F9 = For checking new messages.
UP ARROW = For going to previous message.
DOWN ARROW = For going to next message.
CTRL+N = For creating message (when in Mail).
CTRL+SHIFT+M = For creating message (from any Outlook view).
CTRL+O = For opening received message.
CTRL+SHIFT+D = For deleting and ignoring a Conversation
CTRL+SHIFT+B = For opening Address Book.
INSERT = For adding Quick Flag to an unopened message.
CTRL+SHIFT+G = For displaying Flag for Follow Up dialog box.
CTRL+Q = For marking a message as read.
CTRL+U = For marking a message as unread.
CTRL+SHIFT+W = For opening Mail Tip in selected message.
F4 = For finding or replacing.
SHIFT+F4 = For finding next
CTRL+ENTER = For sending
CTRL+P = For printing
CTRL+F = For forwarding
CTRL+ALT+F = For forwarding as attachment
ALT+ENTER = For checking out properties of selected item.
CTRL+SHIFT+U = For creating multimedia message
CTRL+SHIFT+T = For creating a text message.
CTRL+ALT+M = Marking for Download.
CTRL+ALT+U = For clearing Mark for Download.
CTRL+B (when a Send/Receive is in progress) = For Displaying Sending/Receiving progress.

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